Are you searching for a faster keyboard app? For many people, the default keyboard that comes on their devices is passable. That is why we are offering you one of the fastest productivity keyboards for Android, with a lot of customization features that will make everything adjustable and enjoyable. GlueKey is the best keyboard app for you.

Have a stylish keyboard with amazing content

GlueKey will offer you great themes, stylish keyboard with amazing content from the app. You will be able to select the topics you like and will also suggest you the best and latest news and articles from around the world. No more visit to the social media or sites to get your needed information.

Saves you a lot of time

This app besides being a social app will offer fast keypad that will learn your behavior and will allow you to type faster. That will save you more time and will make your typing more enjoyable. With Gluekey everything is much simpler and easier! You will adore it will all the great themes it has to offer. One of the best thing about ClueKey is that is free. You don’t have to pay anything for using this amazing and unique app.

Compatible with your favorite apps

Use this app to make watch the funniest and most interesting trending videos, news, emojis, GIFs etc. Select your own topic of interest and make the app show you the content. It’s also compatible with your favorite apps like Whatsapp, Hotstar, IPL Apps, Chrome etc.

One of the best features it has it that will let you read the news from around the world without leaving the app. If you are visiting frequently other apps, you can add the same one in your Gluekey keyboard launcher!

Do don’t wait any longer and download this amazing and powerful keyboard app for free from Google Store.

Google Play Download Link: GlueKey

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