Are you a new parent not use to crying baby? Get the app it’s for real actually your baby can be, calmed by it and in return, you get more sleep. How is that possible you say? Do not know all I can say is that it works magically.

What is Stop Baby Crying?

Just as the name reads Stop Baby Crying that is how it works. To be sincere it works, but the only setback noticed so far is that it does not work for all kids due to some variations in children but believe me it works for most. From research it is, believed that babies responds differently to sounds so, this app uses that as the working principle behind its operation. The app has sounds of different sort’s heartbeat, interference sounds, plastic bag, jet engine or vacuum cleaner and more this works for children between the ages of one to three months. Nevertheless, how does this happen?

It is, believed that a baby can be calmed down when this sounds plays because it resembles the sounds they hear while in the womb. This implies that in the presence of a familiar sound a child can be, made to actually stop crying.

The app works base on try and error because you need to test continuously until you get the right sound that suits your baby. The app has awesome graphics with great ease of operation. Sleep more and get this app free today from the link present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Stop Baby Crying

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