There is nothing you cannot find in the App Store. That includes killer workout applications that could help you get fit and healthy. Gym applications are one of our favorite app categories in the App Store. Whether you want to use your phone to track your daily workout or just want to learn new exercises, there is an app for you out there. Here in this review, we have chosen an app named, Flexi – Book fitness classes.

What is Flexi – Book fitness classes?

Flexi – Book fitness classes is a brand new app with an idea to give its user a chance to participate the healthy fitness activities in the town. Flexi – Book fitness classes recognize that the demands of exercise classes are changing; people are now exploring new and fun ways to workout in their cities, viewing fitness as fun rather than a chore. Moreover, Flexi’s no membership system ‘gives you freedom. There is no commitment and no fear of wasting money. You simply book and pay for the activities you want to go to. This means you can easily try anything and you can keep going back to the classes you loved.

Engaging Features

  • Easy login option
  • Always find the best fitness activities in the town.
  • Search the desired activities in your neighborhood with personalized search settings
  • Plenty of payment option to choose
  • Invite your friend to the activities
  • Safe and secure, none of your data is disclosed to anyone with safest payment features
  • And much more…

Enjoy London’s best classes without a membership. this unearths fantastic classes happening around you every week. Whether you are looking for a relaxing Yoga class or something that pushes you to your limits this app is for you. install it free from the links below. It is functioning on both iOS and Android.

App Store Download Link: Flexi – Book fitness classes

Google Play Download Link: Flexi – Book fitness classes

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