Representing information through timeline provides powerful visualization and there are many reasons to create timelines. It could be,

·       future career path / transition,

·       visualize life journey milestones,

·       creating pictorial timeline of your Kids’ growth,

·       creating school history project timeline,

·       community gathering / family social events.

new product idea to launch presentation and many more.

Whatever the reason, you need the right tool to make the timeline easy to work with and delightful in presenting or showcasing to someone. I.e. Not every time you can just use a spreadsheet or text document to create a helpful, interactive timeline; particularly when you are working with pictures & looking for cool delightful experience. In order to have “WOW” experience, you need to have “WOW” factor tool too. And thankfully we have just come across such tool called “Progress Graphs” mobile app.

What is Progress Graphs?

We’re living in the era of apps – so why not use an app for this purpose as well? We’ve discovered a fantastic multi-use productivity app that stands out from everything you’ve seen before. The name of the app is Progress Graphs, now available on both iOS and Android platforms. It can help you plan and create timeline easily with its multi image upload capability and option to add captions (header and subtext with dates). Icing on the cake is auto scroll feature with uplifting premium music option.

Why is it one of Our Favorite Apps?

Progress Graphs is a simple & easy user friendly mobile app that tops other apps in terms of overall app quality with user experience and ease in creating timelines. It offers a wide range of other features that take you beyond timeline to help you plan & visualize important things in your daily life. With its 17 professionally and elegantly designed 17 themes, you can make notes with heading & sub-texts, upload multiple images with or without input of text, download your content into PDF format, share it via email or other compatible apps, create and access your content without Internet connection. No sign up process…just download and use it.

Whether you like taking daily notes or scheduling your tasks, make grocery lists, create digital baby books, photo albums, or school history projects, Progress Graphs can give you a hand.  App does not do any tracking or monitoring of data as they remain 100% on device.

You can DOWNLOAD it for free from the App Store/Google Play and check out its full set of features & usage by visiting its Facebook page, YouTube Channel or official website.


App Store Download Link: Progress Graphs

Google Play Download Link: Progress Graphs

Facebook:  Progress Graphs

YouTube: Progress Graphs

Official Website: Progress Graphs

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