Podcasts seem to be making a return as the main source of information gathering in the age of the Internet. It is a great way to listen to experts talk about the topics you care about and it is relatively easy to find great podcasts. If you are a fan of the medium and are in the market for a new podcast app, then this review is surely going to help you out. We have picked out an app, Leela: Podcast Player with Quick Search & Listen to this review.

What is  Leela: Podcast Player With Quick Search & Listen?

Leela: Podcast Player With Quick Search & Listen is definitely one of the best podcast apps on iOS. It comes with a modern, Material Design-inspired interface, a light theme, and settings to control your preferences. This app does what any good podcast player should do: it loads quickly, has great discovery tools, has effects for cutting down on silences, the company behind this app, has put a lot of love into making the app as full-featured as possible without alienating beginners just looking for an easy-to-use podcast app.

The app uses a complex algorithm to determine what is most relevant to your search and assign a “relevance score” based on different parameters e.g., published date, query relevance, Ratings and Engaged Listens to factors. Due to this scoring, it is possible that sometimes a higher rated podcast or even more recent podcast could appear down in the search results.

With this app, you have the freedom to subscribe to as many podcasts as you can and the playlist allows you to add unlimited content. Its notification system is the best one and you always get the relevant notification. The app comes with many other amazing features that you can cover simply by downloading this app free for your iOS from the link present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Leela: Podcast Player With Quick Search & Listen

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