Just south of Turkey, and in the far eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea, is the island of Cyprus. The island is a mixing pot of cultures that is technically geographically located in Asia but has clear ties to Europe. Cyprus is well known for its warm weather and scenic beaches, but that isn’t everything the island has to offer. You’ll also find quaint historic villages, ancient ruins, incredible mountains and wonderful, vibrant cities. See it all by incorporating as many of the best places to visit in Cyprus into your next vacation itinerary.

Experience the mixed culture of the island

This app will showcase you the best products, service, and places to visit on this island places in the far eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. You will be able to experience the mix of cultures in this place that is geographically located much closer to the coast of Asia than Europe.

Plan your trip well in advance with no stresses

Plan your next trip to this marvelous island well in advance, without any unnecessary worries and stresses. Pack your bag and start your journey to this unique island and Cyprus Secrets will follow you every step of the way, unveiling all the wonders and places you want to see. Not only that but it will also show some new and hidden places for a more enjoyable vacation.

So don’t wait any longer, download this unique app for free from Google Store and start planning your vacation in Cyprus.

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