Finding work is both easier and harder than it used to be. It’s easier because the magic of the Internet allows you to search large databases and the magic of word processing allows you to create tight, solid resumes and CVs. However, navigating those things can be difficult for some people because not everything is straightforward.

What is Game Audio 101?

If you’re in the gaming industry, working as (or want to work) a music, sound, audio engineer or a programmer, stop searching for the right app – we have discovered the one you need! We’re talking about Game Audio 101, an incredible Android app that lets you browse the job board to discover open game audio jobs and start a career in interactive audio. The app is easy to use and offers tons of helpful features.

Standout Features

Game Audio 101 provides with informative articles, interviews and exclusive content about sound in games. Games are more than just cool graphics, animations and gameplay. They require music, sound and dialogue to enhance the gaming experience and breathe life into it. That’s why these developers focused on making an app that can help all composers, sound designers, voice artists and audio programmers to easily search for their dream job, read useful informative articles and content about industry jobs, plugins, etc. It even provides with useful links related to the game audio industry.

This is an official app for the Game Audio 101 website, so if you want to join this caring community that is focused on game audio, download it for free from Google Play and enjoy!

Google Play Download Link: Game Audio 191

Official Website: Game Audio 191

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