Corner Dash is a new arcade game that brings you tons of fun with unlimited challenges. The game features 2D graphics whereas the game premises are simple but cool enough to keep you engaged. The game is about the square, which you have to guide around the screen will so many walls with many turns. From its appearances, it seems to be a very easy game but in fact, it is not.

What does it offer?

The game brings you endless gameplay mode and after each moment, the difficulty increases. The controls for the gameplay are easy and it demands nothing more than just swiping the screen. Whenever there comes a turn, you have to swipe in that direction to change the movement of the ball. In addition, your objective in the game is to collect as many diamonds as you can.

The thing that makes it challenging is that you should be precise and must have a good hand to mind coordination to swipe at the right moment when that square reaches the turn. Moreover also after few points, the square’s speed increases and the game requires a little more focus by the player as if your concentration divided your game will be over.

You can also challenge your friends with your high score. Last but not the least part is that it is available free to download for iOS OS devices and you can find the direct download for this game app at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Corner Dash

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