Arcade games can make you feel like a kid again, and take you back to an era where the graphics didn’t matter, and you filled your pockets with quarters trying to beat your favorite game. Android device has more processing power than an old arcade game did in the 80s or 90s, meaning plenty of companies have transferred over classic games to the mobile platform allowing you to play some truly memorable games.

What is Sky Copter?

If you’re an arcade game lover or if you’re just looking for a new exciting game to get your finger onto it, we have the perfect one! Sky Copter is an addictive tap tap arcade game that can be played by any Android user, user of any age. With simple game mechanics, colorful arcade graphics and fun soundtrack, this game will definitely leave you wondering where the time went. Let’s talk more about its gameplay.

Gameplay & Features

This awesome game features a cute tiny copter that you play with. The main objective is to tap on thr screen and fly the copter up, as high as you can in order to make unbeatable high scores. You can use one finger only, but make sure to use your best tapping and precision skills. Go through all the harmful obstacles on your way and don’t give up.

Get on this addictive fly tap journey and enjoy hours of arcade fun. Download Sky Copter for free from Google Play and share it with your friends.

Google Play Download Link: Sky Copter

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