Data Integration is a process in which data is extracted, amalgamated and presented as a unified form. Data integration primarily supports the analytical processing of large data sets by aligning, combining and presenting each data set from organizational departments and external remote sources to fulfill integrator objectives. There are multiple software solutions that offer data integration, and today we will speak about one of the very best.

We have discovered a great data integration platform to join systems together, link and join data between disparate apps, create custom reports from different business systems. The app goes by the name of DSYNC and can be used by developers as an advanced integration tool.

Why it is so helpful?

The system can take data from different systems and update in live real time. DSYNC is so great that it can also also make custom reports by getting data from multiple sources and consolidating. Businesses can use DSYNC for Point of sale integration, Website integration, Drop shipper integration, accounting integration basically any type of cloud integration methods. Actually there are more than 10 instances where DSYNC can be helpful for data reporting and you may check them here.

Developer’s Will Love It

Besides all the features we mentioned before, there are free developer accounts and an SDK (software development kit) for developers and programmers to easily build connections into the DSYNC platform. Also, DSYNC performs data integration globally. They are indeed one of the most promising software products of the year. Anyone can try the service for free!

Website: DSYNC

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