With the advancements of trending technology, apps are available to enable a smartphone to perform like a generic hearing aid. These apps promote the audibility of sound by amplifying it and directing it to the headphones. Some apps contain programming features that allow the user to alter the sound and filter out unwanted noises. Below in this review, we are going to present a review for an app for the same purpose that is available by the name FENNEX – AUGMENTED HEARING APP.


FENNEX – AUGMENTED HEARING APP transforms your headphones into a digitally amplified sound source that helps people with hearing problems. It is the first app of its kind that let you use your AirPods as hearing aid. Fennex underpins every one of the general population with ordinary hearing or mellows to direct hearing problem that incidentally is incidentally fighting against the problems in noisy environments.

For individuals who are not able to purchase a costly listening device, they can be benefited by the application like Fennex. After the user has downloaded the Fennex, he/she can take a 3-minute hearing test. The sound around the user is customized (intensified/balanced) in light of their listening ability problem for the particular frequencies. Fennex helps clients in a noisy circumstance when it is required a ton of push to participate in discussions. However, more propelled users can completely personalize the setting in light of his/her needs.

Presently this app is available free for iOS devices and users can have it free from the direct download link present at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Fennex Augmented hearing app

Official website Link: Fennex Augmented hearing app

  1. Richardn Bell says:

    I tried this app ‘Fennex app for Augmented Hearing’. I was not familar with the concept although I always has some hearing difficulty. WIth stardard Apple earphones it does provide help for many situations, especially in noisy environment. It takes time to get familiar with the many settings but the audio customization is pretty powerful.

    • Adam Peermont says:

      I tried the Fennex (augmented hearing). This is already great app, and furthermore it seems to be designed to work with the Airpods (which thinking well also look like fashionable wearable device ). Unfortunately it has to be said that when used with AirPods, there is a delay. But used with standard
      apple headphones works very well, and also the presence of a multi – frequency equalizer almost makes it possible a good customization, in addiction there are already some presets that adapt to the most common situations of noise.

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