Somewhere, deep down in the soul, every man considers himself to be a brave hunter, and this, frankly, is far from misleading, because from the immemorial time people have procured food for themselves hunting wild animals. there is absolutely no need to run around in the forest with a gun and arrange trips because for that it’s enough to go to any supermarket and buy everything you need. But here’s the question, if you do not need to kill anyone for food, then what to do with your hunter’s instinct? The answer is simple – to hunt animals not in the real, but in the virtual world. Here we present you a review for a new game app that is Virtuhunt – GO hunt wild beasts in AR.

What is Virtuhunt – GO hunt wild beasts in AR?

Virtuhunt – GO hunt wild beasts in AR is the new game presently offered in the category of hunting games for smartphones but the thing that makes it superior from the rest of other hunting game is that it is based on augmented reality gaming concept. In the game, you will play as a hunter discovering the exotic animals around you in this virtual 3D environment, hunt them for points, and earn some good rewards.

To get started with the game you will have to log in using your Facebook account and allow the access of your GPS module by the app. Once you are registered you can then select between two different characters, pack your gear and start playing you hunting adventure the moment in the game is based your location training means your character moves when you move, so it can be the best entertainment for you while you are traveling or walking around. The game offers different cool stuff and weapons that you can purchase by gold coins.

Presently it is offered for both iOS and Android Platform devices and you can get this for your devices from the direct download links present below.

App Store Download Link: Virtuhunt – GO hunt wild beasts in AR

Google Play Download Link: Virtuhunt – GO hunt wild beasts in AR

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