Nowadays, there are more and more people that fall into the category of writers: it includes blog writers, journalists, article and review writers, researchers, PDF, and paper book writers.Writing, in general, is a very old profession and a form of art that is still very popular today. The main difference is that now we tend to write with our main work tools – computers and smartphones. So why not use technology to help you develop your writing skills? Is there an app for this? We researched and discovered one amazing app for writing – Inspire the Fire.

What is Inspire the Fire?

This app is amazing and highly motivational tool to inspire the writers and help them improve their writing skills. Developed for IOS users, simply created from writers for all writers that need push to challenge themselves and their writing skills. Many features and many ideas for writers that have writing block or just look for motivation to get their writing on the next level. Inspirational app, that could certainly make a difference in your writing.

Why do we choose this app?

This inspirational and motivational app helps the users develop their storytelling and writing skills by offering them 100 writing prompts and 25 writing exercises. Each of them is focused on a different area of the user’s writing, challenge the user to give the maximum while writing. The users can use the app to swipe through a rich catalogue of well-known quotes, written by the most famous authors of all time. With the integrated notepad-app the users can start their writing right away and use the regularly updated pro-tips for keeping track of the leaders in this industry like authors, editors and publishers. As a user you can share your writing stories with other users on the app. Download this app from the App Store now.

App Store Download Link: Inspire the Fire

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