Unlike many of the other popular social media platforms out there, Instagram doesn’t have its own analytics dashboard for users and brands to measure the engagement and effectiveness of their posts. Luckily, there are a ton of analytics tools out there that can be used, with some of the best ones even being free. With that said, here is one of the best free Instagram analytics tools you should be utilizing.

What is StatiGRAM?

It is an analytics tool for all Android users that want to have detailed information about their Instagram profile. Whether it’s secret admirers or users that blocked you, StatiGRAM has got you covered! The app is simple, easy to use, designed with clean graphics and completely free of charge. Let’s see what does the app offers.

What Does It Offer?

StatiGRAM is created with more than 30 analytical tools that can provide you with accurate data and behavioral statistics about your Instagram account. With it, you will always know your new followers, followers that unfollowed you, users that don’t follow you back, and so much more. You can view data about your most engaged photos, videos, about ghost followers, who gives you the least and the most comments, users that you’ve unfollowed, your earliest followers, etc.

StatiGRAM is a perfect app that provides with tons of values for your Instagram profile. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Download Link: StatiGRAM

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