The fidget spinner is 2017’s flagship office toy. As if our smartphones weren’t distracting enough, out of nowhere came these spinners, slashing productivity amounts by double-digit percentages – under the guise of being nervous energy outlets. These are selling like crazy at the moment, and their extreme (though temporary) popularity has motivated app developers to simulate the toy in virtual conditions. But today we have something different – an awesome fidget spinner game that will addict you to the fullest!

What is Fidget Spinner?

It is an endless arcade space game that offers a great gaming experience. Designed with friendly user interface, realistic cosmic environment and HD graphics, Fidget Spinner is perfect for users of any age – both kids and adults! Also, note that the game is easy to play and completely free!

How to Play?

Prepare yourself to have fun with 25 glowing and colorful animated fidget spinners. Your main goal is to move your spinner in the space and save it from the falling and dangerous asteroid. While trying to survive, you have to collect speed multiplier to score the highest possible score, to collect coins, lives, etc. Choose your own fidget, touch your screen to spin and enjoy stress-free one touch spin controls.

Have this vibrant hand spinner game in your Android device and enjoy hours of fun. Get it now for free from the following Google Play link.

Google Play Download Link: Fidget Spinner

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