There are thousand of bike racing games on Play Store.You can’t download them all and start playing. So, out of thousand of games, we will share with you one of the best bike racing games for Android. The game is so much addictive, captivatingly interesting and extremely enjoyable to play.

The graphics quality of this moto racer is so good, our staff personally played the game for days and now we would like to share share it with you. We guarantee you that you will get addicted once you start playing it.

What is Motorbike Racing game app?

Motorbike Racing a thrilling moto racer game and represents a pure fusion of trial bike games and motocross riding. It requires both speed and precision skills in order to win. One small mistake and you can lose significant time with your face in the dirt and bike in the ditch. So it is pretty important to be truly skilfull.

As a first step, we recommend to select the motorcycle skin and then start the career mode. Getting pro by playing the game you will enhance your control skills over the motorbike, which be rewarded with higher payouts for finishing a track. With the accumulated rewards you can unlock new rides or replay with your favorites.

Exciting levels

Motor Racing is an amazing game for all of you adrenaline racing junkies. This bike racing game contains 30 levels of increasing difficulty and length, specially designed to test your skills and motor racing abilities.

We have to warn you to be careful with the crashing the bike because you will have to repay with winnings in order to fix the motor and go forward in next trials challenges.

From our experience, this is a game that you shouldn’t miss it, especially if you are a fan of competitive and challenging racing games. Get it on Google Play Store, or you may regret it! Check it!

Google Play Download Link: Motorbike Racing

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