Looking for an alternative to repetitive time-killers like Angry Birds or Candy Crush? Take a welcome detour with a truly engaging and interesting adventure game. The genre’s focus on exploration, puzzles and story make adventure games a natural fit for mobile, leading to a rich variety of titles. You’ll also find plenty of personality to these titles, some focusing on horror, some time travel and some murder mysteries. From old-school point-and-click ports to more modern fare with jaw-dropping graphics, here is one of the best mobile adventure games for Android devices.

What is Nine Worlds – A Viking saga?

We’re happy to present to you Nine Worlds – A Viking saga, a new adventure platform game for Android users of any age. This amazing game has really stunned us with its exciting storyline and its challenging gameplay. Plus, it is designed with cool Viking characters, beautiful landscapes and intuitive touch screen controls.

Why do we love it?

The story behind Nine Worlds – A Viking saga follows a ship that’s going home from a successful Viking raid, when suddenly it gets caught in a terrible storm. The ship starts sinking, taking your brothers and all the treasure with it. You are the only survivor who has to find out who is corrupting the nine worlds and help the mysterious fairy Ozma bring balance back to the nine worlds. Emerge as the hero by jumping, chopping, spinning and stabbing monsters, avoid traps and obstacles on your way and don’t forget to collect coins and gems. Fight against various enemies and gods, discover the hidden treasure rooms and get to all bonus levels.

You will have to use your hands as your weapon, but as you play on you will acquire new powerful weapons and new awesome fighting techniques. Also, aside from the main quest you will receive daily quests and win rewards. Hop into one of the most entertaining adventures of all time, make high scores and challenge your friends.

Download Nine Worlds – A Viking Saga from Google Play and enjoy – it is completely free!

Google Play Download Link: Nine Worlds – A Viking saga

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