Ever needed to look up a restaurant’s review on the go? Ever wanted to score that super hard to get dinner reservation at the hottest restaurant in town? Ever needed to make a restaurant decision on the fly with a bunch of indecisive hungry diners? Or maybe, have you ever wanted to see if your food is free of allergens (like gluten or soy)? Sounds familiar? If that’s the case then we’re here to help! With the emergence of incredible restaurant apps and many hidden and super helpful perks that they offer, it’s a no-brainer to not have one downloaded today.

What is KtchUp?

So, if you’re looking for a great restaurant app that can help you explore and discover great places to eat with your friends, check out one of our favorites, called KtchUp. This helpful food tool is now available for both Android and iOS users, designed with beautiful graphics and UI.

Standout Features

If you can’t decide where to eat with your friends, KtchUp has got you covered! It allows you to plan a perfect catch-up dinner or lunch with your friends, it is your one-stop app for exploring and finding good places to eat. Quickly swipe to vote for your favorite restaurants, chat with your friends to agree where to eat at, and book a table in seconds in the restaurant you all choose. Find great recommendations and inspiration from the restaurants your friends like, view restaurant photos and detailed information (such as hashtags, websites, menus, locations, links to book, etc.), search for your favorite places and enjoy a hassle-free eating out.

Organise the perfect eating out plan and experience with your friends, download the KtchUp app for free from the App Store or from Google Play.

Official Website Link: KtchUp

App Store Download Link: KtchUp

Google Play Download Link: KtchUp

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