Racing games are among the most popular in all of mobile gaming. It was the first genre to overcome the lack of physical buttons on smartphones well enough that it made the games worth playing. Most popular racing games have tens of millions of fans. That doesn’t mean they’re the best, though. Which ones should you try? Here is one of the best racing games for Android that we pick for you today.

What is Furious Real Racing?

We want to introduce you to Furious Real Racing, an exciting crazy ride 3D game that abounds with stunning concepts, impressive graphics and various car models to choose from. The game is perfect for adrenalin “junkies” and for those who are looking for ultimate racing fun.

What the game offers?

The game offers 7 racing modes in order to test your skill and get unforgettable gaming experience. There are 4 seasons of different impressive circuits and possibility to build your own model of beast car by simply customizing the acceleration, nitro and handling.

Free to play

No doubt Furious Real Racing is a quite powerful game that surely worthy of your time if you’re into this sports racing genre. The entertainment and adrenalin that provide this game are phenomenal, so don’t miss it and download it for free on Google Play Store. Test your driving skills and enjoy the ride to the fullest. Check out!


Google Play Download Link: Furious Real Racing 

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