Ciao! Bonjour! Hey! Learning a second or even a third language is been shown to improve memory and aid in brain development. In order for your child to reap these benefits, however, they should start speaking a second language before they turn seven. While you may consider enrolling them in a class or buying a textbook, children can easily begin to master a new language using your cell phone or tablet. From translated tales to coloring books or illustrations, these apps put your little one on the path to becoming a multilingual prodigy. This time we are here with an app for your smartphone that is, Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books.

What is Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books?

Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books is storytelling software that allows the user to consecutively read a mirrored text, but in two separate languages at the same time.  The app also serves as an audiobook and uses what it calls ‘karaoke reading’ to allow any user to follow the audio in the text on both sides.  The stories are available in 10 languages, varying between fairy tales, news, scientific papers, and novels.

The reason due to which this app caught our attention is the fact that since it released to the public it has got 220,000 active users with 4.7 stars of positive ratings and has got an editor’s choice badge. It is a fantastic way to see additional languages alongside those you already know and follow as they run simultaneously in a natural and intuitive way.  The texts, here specifically concerning Spanish, are very accurate and, furthermore, are complemented by excellent spoken audio.

Presently this app is available for both iOS and Android OS devices and you can install it free from the link present at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books

Google Play Download Link: Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books

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