Banking and managing money keeps getting easier and easier. They are an essential component for managing modern life. There are many apps out there that could help you manage personal finances or finances of your business. Highly practical and helpful, these apps can make a real change in your daily life. We found for you one great app that could help you with the costs and expenses of your business, making it more sustainable. Let’s talk about it.

What is this app about?

This app is a great and highly practical finance tool that is developed for IOS and android users. This app is assisting and more than a simple profit calculator, helping users that are freelancers or own small and medium business to calculate and analyze their costs and expenses, earning from their sales. The app is easy to use and simply created to help users manage the prices of their activities. No need for loans and mortgages!

Why do we choose it?

The Markup Magic Profit Calculator is offering help to users calculate their markup, percent, expenses, rate, and final analysis of the business they own or their home service. The app is working with finding the cost of the goods or services the user is selling, compares that with the monthly expenses and offers complete cost coverage and markup percentage to help the user. Taking all the figures, the app estimates the fair and gives precise markup, placing it on the user’s goods. The users are given a detailed pie chart of their expenses and they can see where their money is going. The app offers advice about how many time the user need to sell their goods and services to make their business profitable and sustainable.

Download this app now on Google Play and App Store for free.

Google Play Download Link: Markup Magic Profit Calculator

App Store Download Link: Markup Magic Profit Calculator


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