One of the best things about the Android is it allows for a lot of customization. It’s true that number of features are hidden behind root access, but you might be surprised at just how much control you have over the functionality and appearance of your Android phone. So, why not use an app to help you organize and simplify your online messenger apps? How to find the right app for this purpose? We have for you one amazing personalization app to help you do that. Let’s discuss about it.

What is nBubble?

nBubble is one amazing personalization app developed on android platform, easy to use and simply created to help users organize their online messenger message notifications and in the same time allows them to view and quickly reply chats of online messengers without opening the specific messenger app. This app is a revolutionary notify tool that is created to work with many messengers as Facebook Messenger, Email, Gmail, SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, and other messenger services.

Why do we love it?

This efficient app can organize the user’s messenger apps and take the notifications the user gets from those apps and display it to the user as floating icon or chat heads. This app is offering to send a popup to notify the user that he has a new message, even if the smartphone is in full screen mode. The users can send replies on messages fast without opening each messaging app and the app saves time because the users don’t need to stop what they are doing to open the apps. The app allows the users to view message notifications later and customize by their taste the message bubbles and themes. Even if the screen is locked, with this app, the users can access the messenger notification. Every user can disable the chat heads of this app for specific online messengers.

Download this app now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: nBubble

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