Facts apps don’t have the draw they used to. The Internet has grown in such a way that finding fun facts is quick, easy, and the methods are plentiful. Still, there are those who like to pop open an app every now and then and learn a few little fun facts. We have your back. Here are one of the best facts apps for Android that we pick for you today!

What are Interesting Facts?

If you’re curious person and hungry for knowledge or want to explore various information from every life aspects then our proposal app will perfectly fit into your mobile device. Namely, we talk about super cool facts app called Interesting Facts that abounds with a collection of funny, weird, surprising and amazing facts which fuel your curiosity even more.

Collection of best facts

This app empowers with knowledge and offers more than 10,000 facts that are divided into multiple categories and subcategories such as Animals, Ceremonies/Customs, Diet/Nutrition, Diseases/Disorders, Drugs/Addiction, Entertainment, Fashion/Attire, Food/Drink, and much more.

By using Interesting Facts app you can swipe left-right or tap the screen to move to the next fact. You can select your favorite one and share it with your friends on social media, email, messages etc.

This app is a great way to entertain yourself in a productive way and learn something new which can be useful to you in the upcoming unpredictable situations. Download it for free on Google Play Store or App Store and enjoy Interesting Facts!


Google Play Download Link: Interesting Facts

App Store Download Link: Interesting Facts 

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