If you’re looking for some ultra addicting and incredibly fun arcade game to play that will be worthy of your free time than we found a fast taping game called Smash Fly, which requires great attention, reflexes, and precision in order to win the perfect scores.

It’s simple tapping game but quite challenging as you progress. The main point is to catch the fly in time with precision because if you miss you will lose one life from 3 that will be given to you at the beginning of the game.

Increasing challenging levels

What makes Smash Fly more intense and challenging is the appearing of blue Decoy flies which will be there to confuse you and distract you, but at the same time will bring more excitement in the whole game play. Another challenging thing is that the fly can go Rogue temporary, so if you hit it when it’s red you will lose the level totally.

If you master your tapping skills and reaction you can progress with the game play in Frenzy levels where you will have to catch flies more as possible.

Smash Fly also encourage the players with some help and boosts like the blue boost (get rid of all decoy flies for 5 seconds), green boost (disable missing for 5 seconds), red boost (prevent all flies from going rogue for 5 seconds).

Feel free to check and download this cool game on Google Play Store and have some great fun. Enjoy it!


Google Play Download Link: Smash Fly 

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