More and more people are using mobile devices to process digital documents since they always seem to have their smartphone and tablet on them all the time. However, having many different file formats means requiring a lot of different apps to open these documents. If we can bank on just one file format, however, PDF is probably the best choice as it is a stable file format that allows you to read text and images as they are.

What is PDF Ninja app?

Check out the PDF Ninja app that we are recommending for today. It brings many options on the table like scanning your documents with your mobile device, cropping and rotating images, converting of word, excel, power point files, pictures and other files to PDF’s and optimizing them for all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablets) with no limitation on the number of conversions, sharing or merging PDF’s or saving them to Drop box or Google Drive.

Convert any doc into PDF in quick and easy steps

Taking all of the above into consideration we provide you a quality all in one solution taking care of all of your different apps in one. Compatible with different IOS, platforms and file formats PDF Ninja brings you the full user experience taking care of the easy management of all your files in quick and easy steps.

PDF Ninja’s simple design and fast processing of different file types make it extra productive and less time consuming leaving you the user more time to relax and enjoy the day. With the everyday use of PDF Ninja, you become more productive and more efficient in your workplace and at home.

PDF Ninja is available on App Store for $1.99 so download it and make your life easier and more productive.


App Store Download Link: PDF Ninja


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