After a while, you get bored with being stuck in front of your devices and you find the need to reconnect with friends and go do something together. Before you chuck that mobile device away, try a new social events app that we found and that will help you find an event you can chill out with friends first. This app will locate events like concerts, art gallery openings, ticket performances and the likes.

What is EventHub app?

The app that we are presenting here is called EventHub, an event app that will lead you to turn by turn directions to the multiple events in your local area or to inform you about celebrity’s presence to some of the events near you.

What does the app offer?

This app is great opportunity to stay in tune with the hottest upcoming events through a whole week or the weekend. EventHub will give you every details, map, and directions for the events that you’re interested in. Especially another great option is the app’s chat with which you can establish contact anonymously with another user in your city, town or local area.

It’s our friendly advice to live your life to the fullest and don’t miss any event if it’s possible. Meet new people, party hard and enjoy life to the maximum. Check the app on Google Play Store for the newest updates and see for yourself how amazing it is. It’s available for free so get it now!


Google Play Download Link: EventHub

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