You likely have heard of juggernaut smartphone apps Lyft and Uber. These ridesharing companies have pulled in carloads of money. Given that explosive growth, they’re hardly the only such apps out there anymore. Startup after startup is clamoring for a piece of the “sharing economy” pie. There are some new rideshare apps are taking aim at the market, each with its own twist, but today we’re sharing with you our favorite. It’s called Ariv.

What is Ariv all about?

Ariv is a convenient and efficient tool that we think is going to change the whole ride-sharing industry. It offers monthly and weekly subscription fees, instead of shares or commissions, and provides with tons of benefits for both riders and drivers. Read on and see how the app works.

Standout Features

This amazing ride-sharing app is a revolutionary platform that can be used by riders and drivers as well. It is designed with neat user interface and gives a more streamlined and consistent ride experience. With it, the drivers always know how much they need to pay at the end of their subscription period, giving them the ability to make big profits. The riders will always have a car within minutes, without surge prices. All drivers in this company are experienced and professional, the vehicles are in excellent shape, everything is simple and easy to use, etc.

Ariv is currently available for all ios users, but it’s soon launching on the Android platform too. Enjoy this great ride-sharing service by downloading the app for free. For more information, visit its official website.

Official Website Link: Ariv

App Store Download Link: Ariv (Riders)

App Store Download Link: Ariv (Drivers)

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