Technically, the brain isn’t a muscle, but if you don’t use it, your brain gradually turns to mush. It starts with your swearing that you know a word or a name and that it’s at the tip of your tongue. Over the years, you start forgetting things and the rest is pretty depressing. Though retaining a sharp mind and a keen brain is partly because of our diet, engaging our brains in regular mental exercise helps, as well. We may not quite be in our old age, but there’s no harm in starting as early as now. We’ve reviewed one of the best brain exercisers and memory games to keep you on your toes and to make sure that your brain won’t get rusty.

What is Memory Loco Game?

The name of the game that we’re so excited to present to you is Memory Loco Game. It is a fun and addictive memory game, created for Android users of any age. Designed with beautiful graphics and brain-teasing gameplay, this game lets you improve and test your memory.

How to play?

The goal in this simple memory game is to choose a card and then choose another one in order to make a pair. If they’re the same, you’ve achieved a couple, but if they aren’t, keep on opening the cards and finding pairs. Remember the cards and search until you find their respective partners. This way you will train your memory! The game also features 40 challenging levels for you to play through, 6 different worlds and extra help when you’re stuck. Depending on your age and how much you want to challenge yourself, you can adapt the game according to your needs, start at the simplest levels and gradually see progress.

Memory Loco Game is definitely one of the best memory games on the Android platform. If you want to enjoy it, get it now for free from Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Memory Loco Game

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