In this article we present to you one of the best wishlist apps for you based on our liking. Have a look! Imagine the holidays are coming. What will be the first thing you think about? Yes, surely about what to give as a present for your beloved ones. It’s not so easy to make a choice and guess anyone’s wishes, is it? But wish list apps will help you out here. Wish list applications let users build lists of items that they need or want for special occasions, including weddings, birthdays, Christmas holidays, graduations, baby registries, housewarmings  and other special events.

What is ThinkShop?

Whether you want to buy gifts for your loved ones or to tell them what you would like to receive as a gift, we have the perfect app for you. ThinkShop is amazing cross-platform wishlist and shopping app for users that want to take the thinking out of shopping. With it you can easily create your wishlist of anything you desire, anytime you want.

What does ThinkShop offer?

ThinkShop is designed with intuitive and friendly user interface, giving you the maximum user experience. Just create a wishlist and add anything you want to it, and then let your friends and family view your wishes and contemplate a gift for you. This way you will avoid giving subtle hints and explaining what you would like to receive as a gift. You will also know what they like – you can view other users’ wishlists. Simply reserve gifts for friends and avoid duplicate gifting. Even if you’re a parent, you can let your kids make their own wishlists.

Invite your family members and friends to join you and share each other’s wishes with an ease. Download ThinkShop for free from Google Play or from the App Store.

App Store Download Link: ThinkShop

Google Play Download Link: ThinkShop

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