Everyone once in a while likes playing games on their smartphones. There are many different games out there, satisfying everyone’s taste. One of the most popular games are certainly the games with virtual pets that offer quite an adventure, but finding the most interesting one can be hard. For all dog lovers out there, we looked and we found one amazing action game that involves dogs. Let’s discuss about this exciting game.

What is Take the Lead?

Take the Lead is one amazing action game, developed for android users. The game is simply created, easy for playing, suitable for any age but especially created for younger players. Playing this game, users can enjoy the exciting adventure while taking care of a virtual pet. The game is offering users colorful and playful action, giving them high-quality design and cool sound effects when they play. Endless fun with a cute virtual dog that the player needs to protect.

Why do we love it?

On this action, players are a part of an exciting adventure, controlling their virtual dog. All the players need to do on the game is run with their dog and avoid the obstacles on the way. The obstacles can be avoided by using the onscreen buttons for jumping. This dog gameplay is quite simple and yet highly addictive. Players can also use the pause button on the screen to pause the game if they want to. When it comes to scores, players must stay longer in the game to win more scores. More obstacles are avoided, higher scores for the player. This is one of the most interesting dog agility games, offering hours of entertainment. The player will be hooked from the first try.

Download the game now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: Take the Lead

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