RainbowTail which has a unique twist on the gameplay which gives a deep strategy behind the simple match 3 element and one that has seen several awards come its way.
RainbowTail stands out on its own in this genre with its deep and unique gameplay and its colourful and charming art with over 300 pets to collect and evolve and with over 400 levels and exclusive special events, IP Events, quests, exclusive Gemlings, and more stories!
The core gameplay has users completing various goals and there are many different objectives to complete and utilising various pets in their team and combinations of these pets that they have raised and evolved that can then be summoned in game by matching 3 or more gems.
With each pet (Which can be evolved and levelled up) having their own attack range pattern, stats and traits which gives for numerous in game strategies.
Have lots of fan art already coming in for RainbowTail along with a 600 page wikia site that has been created along with comics:



Apple Watch Companion App – Rewards and stats, combining gameplay with physical fitness!
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Special IP & Themed events

Developer: Minidragon
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