BANGKOK, January 2, 2018 – SpokoGames released their first free to play title:
Overspin: Night Run, available on iTunes and Play Store.
It’s action-packed 3D endless runner where player rotates team of two cute zombies
at the same time, guiding them to avoid obstacles and reach the highest score.
SpokoGames Team implemented many boosts and upgradable power-ups which will
help you to stay on track longer and beat others.
The game requires a lot of skills and practice to win a weekly tournament or to get to
the top of the global Leaderboard.
Extra features
– Dozens of missions which will increase your base score multiplier
– Daily rewards
– Achievements
– Global and friend Leaderboards
– Weekly tournaments
– Skins and extra abilities
– Daily challenges
About SpokoGames
SpokoGames is a team of two indie game developers currently located in Bangkok,
Thailand. Marcin is taking care of design, programming and art. Testing, supporting
users and store publishing is Jana’s responsibilities.

Developer: Marcin Majchrzak
Price: Free+