New Jersey – April 24, 2018 – Aquarius Computer today released TurnTable 3.0 on the Mac App Store. TurnTable is a new Music Player (in the vein of iTunes) that revolutionizes the software. It’s as if it were made by Artists; It’s designed around the Art. A music player for people with artist minds, a music player for getting somewhere, in your mind.
People who listen to music with poets’ minds, abstract minds, minds who care… And thusly far better for normal people too. Humanized – and far more human than iTunes is, the current state of it.
To smoke in joy and inspiration, or to cry… That’s what albums and music are dignified for on TurnTable.
And to hear it all brightly in the complete App Package – re-tuned brightly with built-in Lightspeed.
nspired note:To dignify art! The New Music Player – for dreamers. ___
[TurnTable is] To dignify art even. The holy grail of human existence. Find an album (find the right album), find something true… and hear it, dignified, like a shrine. (And thus albums are displayed realistically, like records on your Macintosh.)
To smoke in joy and inspiration, or to cry to… That’s what albums are for. TurnTable dignifies that, and makes something that both an artist and an art would want. Something personal…
Other things, Main features:
TurnTable features 4 main views for browsing your music collection- Artists, Albums, Records/a Coverflow, Tracks.
Your music “Shuffles” (a new type of shuffle feature), with “Shuffle Table” onscreen, to shuffle your music selections – and choose intuitively for your trips/experiences.
All of that is awesome, trust us.
TurnTable Package with Lightspeed (432) !The TurnTable Package (app package) also includes the built-in Lightspeed program, which is arguably the most revolutionary part of TurnTable, or half of it at least. Lightspeed re-tunes/re-filters all of your music to the original musical tuning, 432Hz.432Hz contains the original crystalline musical frequencies that do wonders for your ears, mind, and soul. (It was the original musical tuning, full of nothing but harmonies and mathematical, harmonic perfection.)
Hearing color, waves, rainbows… at the least- or for those who hear well, more like waking- dream- characterized experiences!
(Reminds of strange tones for the mind/right brain, or the like on the Internet, or something… ;)
Your music brighter, in full color.
(At the least…) a “waking dream” sort of feeling ;) at the best!
There’s no other way to listen to music, if you know better.
Thus why the Lightspeed program is integrated directly into TurnTable.
In the future it will be the new standard musical tuning. (Or re- newed standard tuning.)

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