Bodum’s award winning Pavina Double Wall Glasses are mouth blown by expert artisans. Each piece is individually handmade and the double wall glass construction gives each glass thermal properties to help to keep hot drinks warmer and cool drinks cooler. The double wall will also keep glass cool to the touch and eliminate need for coasters as no messy condensation will occur. Available in 2 Pack and 6 pack sets in 4 Sizes.
Double Wall Glasses that Breathe!
A silicone vent at the base of each of Bodum’s Double Wall Glasses equalizes the air pressure between the two layers of glass when either hot or cold liquids are added. Permeable only to air, never water, the vent enhances durability and will never allow liquids to enter between the two layers.

Every Double Wall Glass is mouth-blown by expert artisans, and therefore each may have slight differences in height, thickness, and weight. To preserve the longevity of the glass, please follow recommended usage and care instructions.